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Who are we?

Finding the right music band for your wedding, a clown for the kids’ birthday party or trying to organize a business event, can often be a nightmare. Spending endless hours searching the internet, studying hundreds of websites, writing e-mails, making phone calls and waiting for the right people to reply can be frustrating and expensive for your company, if your assistant has to do such time consuming work. The idea behind EventAgent24 is to create an effective internet platform for both parties (event organizers and service providers) to find each other without wasting time or money. We’d like to make this service accessible to anyone who is either organizing an event or looking for work at one.

EventAgent24 consists of a large and constantly growing database of artists and service providers of all kinds, working in the event industry in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, willing to expand in the future. We strive to provide an easily understandable, trustworthy, effective and reliable service for both clients and staff. Our goal is to help clients find their perfect service providers matching their budget, location and style, such as artists, musicians, street performers, catering, party supplies, locations, transportation…etc. And on the other hand we’re concerned to find tailored events for our registered artists and service providers. All this and more can be found on EventAgent24.

Unlike other event platforms, where service providers have to sign binding and expensive contracts, pay high fees for advertisements or having to work for patronizing agencies, EventAgent24 offers the possibility to its users of buying the contacting details of real and existing event organizers and to service providers individually matching specific happenings.

EventAgent24 is a very transparent and fair platform without catches. We offer a free service to our clients, the event organizers and have our service providers pay only if they decide to accept a matching event offer. Registering with us will always be free for everyone. In order to proof the existence of our users, we have them confirm their e-mail address and mobile phone number. Additionally, we randomly check the existence of events in order to prevent fraud in our network. Our priority is to provide a high quality service and keep what we promise.

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