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How it works:

Eventagent brings event organizers and artists together.

I am organizing the event...

I offer my services / performance...

How to start

Click on 'home' and scroll down to the desired package (chose arrows left and right to see more event suggestions) or simply click on 'party' to create your own.

How to receive offers

Go to 'home' and "sign up" as 'Artist / Service Provider' on the top right of the page

Receive offers

Check if our suggestions suit you, if not add or remove the service providers accordingly

Choose category

Select your category and click on the 'next' button. In case your category doesn't show, please leave us a note at 'Suggestions'


Click on 'event details' and fill out all required fields (*).

Please note, the more information you can give us, the better matching service providers we'll find for you


Please enter your registration details and submit them by clicking 'Register' after having accepted our Terms and Conditions. NOTE:

We treat your personal data confidentially!

Receive messages

This is your personal site where you can send or receive messages, check your offers and event status. NOTE: After clicking the 'safe and submit' button, your event can't be changed anymore and Event Agent is on his way to look for your personal service providers and artists


Now Event Agent is looking for matching offers for you!

Matches found

Event Agent has found the perfectly matching service providers and artists for your event!

Accept offer

Now it's up to you to either accept or decline the offer

If you accept, you make the small payment .- and receive the necessary contacting details of the event organizer

Receiving offer

You will receive e-mails to the address you registered with and additional messages to your personal Event Agent mailbox, directly from the artists and service providers. They will introduce themselves to you, showing what they have to offer. NOTE: You will receive offers until your previously indicated deadline!

Promote yourself

You'll promote yourself directly to the client, sending him/her your webpage link, pictures, etc.

Now is your change to show what you've got and telling the organizer why you should get the job!

Decide if the offer is good or not

You check the different offers matching your request and choose your favorite ones

Contact them and let the party begin!