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A surprise party that you have been waiting for

Are you waiting impatiently for the return of your friend, whom you haven't seen for ages? Now you don't know how to greet him best? The solution is obvious! Organize a surprise party!

Surprise party: yes or no?

There is even a lot in the word surprise. Especially a lot of emotion. These can be both negative and positive. It depends on the personality of the surprised person. Not everyone would look forward to a surprise party. Therefore it would be advisable to find out if surprises are desired. Otherwise, the party will become a stressful evening and you would ask yourself for a long time "why did I come up with the idea".

Organizing a simple party or a birthday party means taking a lot of effort to make sure everything is taken care of. It seems like you have to think of everything at once. First think of a suitable date. If this date falls on a working day, you might want to postpone the party until the weekend. For the right location and the number of guests you should consider the season. Then you can decide on a theme and organise the decoration as well as the food and drinks.

But when organizing a surprise party, things look a little different. You must think of everything without the person to be surprised suspecting anything. This is where tricks and diversions are needed.


It is possible that you did not even think of it in the first place, but this point is still important. You have to distract the person you want to surprise in some way. If you are planning a surprise party for the return of a friend from abroad, this is a smaller problem. The person is not there at the moment and you have more than enough time to prepare. But if you want to have a surprise party for your best friend, with whom you meet every day, it is much more difficult. In this case you will need help urgently.

Location for the surprise party

We recommend that you start with the search for a suitable location. Everything else depends on it. If you are going to have the party in the house of the person you want to surprise, you have to take care of how to get into the apartment and that you have enough time to prepare. On the other hand, if you are organizing the party in a different location, then you should start looking early enough. EventAgent24 can help you to find the perfect location for your surprise party.

Egg of surprise

Can you remember your first surprise egg? Maybe you still love this candy? Oh, the sweet moment when you open the egg and see the toy you were waiting for. Surprises evoke an incredible feeling in you. Do you know what the task is now? Right, you have to make those feelings immortal. The best way to do this is undoubtedly with the help of a professional photographer. He will do his best to capture the right moments and emotions.

Musical accompaniment for the surprise party

Some melodies you simply cannot confuse. For example, everyone immediately recognizes the melody of "Titanic", the Wedding March or "XX Century Fox". Music has a significant influence on the course of the celebration. If the celebration begins with a surprise, make the surprise sound loud and beautiful. Imagine that you have prepared everything, the person just walks into the room and at that moment their favorite melody sounds. The surprised person will probably shed a tear of happiness. But to evoke these feelings you need a live band.

Ideas for the surprise party

When organizing a surprise party you can realize all your ideas. We are sure that with the right decoration you can create a great atmosphere. Set no limits to your imagination!

Anyone who claims that organizing an event is easy is mistaken. That is why EventAgent24 offers you help. Take your chance!


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