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The best location for your company party

They say that words should be followed by deeds. This also applies to the preparations you have to make when organising the company party. At EventAgent24 many events are organised every day and therefore we know how important the location is for a successful party.

Planning a corporate event

It is no easy task to organise a company event. The organiser can encounter many difficulties. One of the first stumbling blocks is choosing the right location.

The choice of location is decisive for many other decisions. For example, if you choose a restaurant, you do not need to think about catering. Your task is to put together the right menu from the restaurant's offer, taking into account the needs and preferences of your colleagues.

Criteria for the location

Mainly the following criteria are limited to the choice of a suitable location:

  • Number of guests/participants
  • Outdoor vs Indoor
  • Budget

The approximate number of guests or participants determines which location can be chosen. With 10 people you will be offered different locations than with 100 people. Early booking is also important. For example, when organising a party for a larger number of people, you should book the location early enough. Otherwise you might have no choice but to open the bottle of champagne in the office.

Whether or not you celebrate outdoors usually depends on the season. You probably don't want to have an outdoor party in winter when everyone is freezing. This idea is more suited to the summer, as the evenings are pleasantly warm.

But in the end, the deciding factor is the budget. How much is your company willing to invest in your employees? The event and, in the course of it, the choice of location depends on this.

Alternative trip

If your team is already tired of constant sitting and endless meetings, you might want to take a trip. What could be better than experiencing a beautiful hike together and then rounding off the day with a delicious dinner. The best thing is that nobody has to go home early, but everyone can spend the evening together.

There are many advantages in organising the company party with physical activities, because with different competitions your employees will certainly become a real team.

Interactive location

Working in Open Space does not guarantee that workers know each other well. Therefore, we recommend that you find a location for your company party that brings all participants together.

Every location or city offers locations that can be used for company parties and other events. These include cafes, restaurants, bars or an open area or gardens, which score points with their ambience. With a pinch of fantasy, each of these locations becomes the perfect place for your celebration.

Don't you know how to use your imagination? Start with the decorations! The right decorations will make it easier for you to implement the desired style of the celebration.

Dream Location

On our platform you can quickly select your desired location without any obligation. All you have to do is enter your criteria. Tell us your date, an approximate number of guests and your budget. Within a short time you will receive offers that are specially tailored to your requirements.