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Pastry chef for a birthday wanted

Do you have a birthday coming up and don't feel like looking in the oven a thousand times to check if the third tier of your cake is baked? We at EventAgent24 recommend you to order your birthday cake from a professional pastry chef. On our platform you will undoubtedly find the pastry chef who can create a cake to your taste and budget.

Cake delivery service

"Cake delivery?" "Yes, please!"

On a birthday morning, you have to get up very early. There is always a lot to do on this day and the to-do list seems endless. Guests are not expected until the evening, but you still have to prepare dinner, run to the shop and walk the dog. Oh yes, you still have to bake the cake. Everything has to be fresh. Or you can use a delivery service for the cake and sleep at least 3 hours longer.

EventAgent24 wants to help you. We are a platform that makes life easier. When you organise a birthday, you have to think of many details. We offer you our help in finding the best service providers. EventAgent24 is sure that a birthday organised by talented professionals will be enjoyed much more. Nobody wants to come to the party tired.

Arrange delivery of your cake

Have your cake delivered. All you have to do is specify your preferred date. Of course, you also need to specify a delivery location and time. If you are looking to order a birthday cake, the following rule applies: the earlier, the better. The earlier you place your order, the better your pastry chef can ensure that everything will be ready on time.

Birthday cake

Are you looking for a great recipe for a birthday cake? Can it be a quick classic instead of the elaborate cake? You can find different, inspiring birthday cakes on the internet, but unfortunately you often have trouble finding recipes or step-by-step instructions.

It always seems quite easy to bake a birthday cake, especially if you know the birthday child's taste. But we are sure that it is much easier to order the birthday cake. You can tell the pastry chef everything about the desired taste and ingredients and he will make your sweet dream come true.

Small birthday cake

Are you a fan of huge, multi-tiered cakes? Or can you satisfy your sweet tooth with a small cake? Many cake shops have a diverse selection of large cakes. They are pompous, colourful, delicious and undoubtedly attractively decorated. But don't underestimate the value of small cakes.

We'll help you find the pastry chef who can turn even the simplest cakes into something special with chocolate, nuts or fruit. Crispy tartes with a fruity filling in mini format are perfect for your celebration. As with all dishes, the ingredients for your cake depend on the season.

A great advantage of small cakes is the possibility to order the cake in different shapes. The professional pastry chefs have a lot of special baking moulds that are sure to enchant you.

Birthday cakes for children and birthday cakes for adults

Age doesn't matter when you want a cake. Especially for a birthday child, be it 5 or 50. Since the birthday cake is a highlight at the birthday, it must not only taste delicious, but also be beautiful. The confectioners can offer you very different decorations. It is always a good idea to give the birthday a theme. Think carefully about the theme for your party and order the cake to match. EventAgent24 will be happy to help you with this.