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Perfect location for your birthday

The organisation of a celebration is always a joyful task. Nevertheless it is tedious. Especially for people who don't like to plan events and still want a perfect birthday party. We would like to help you and suggest that you start by choosing the location.

Summer Location

Does your birthday fall on hot summer time? You are really lucky! There are countless beautiful places and open terrain. All you have to do is decide on the number of guests. You can also choose a style for the celebration. The style can also be a criterion for choosing the location.

Winter Location

If your birthday falls on the cold season, this does not mean that you have to celebrate in the snow. A date in winter means a wider choice of beautifully decorated cafés. Cafes that infect everyone with their festive atmosphere. Cafes where your guests feel at home and can enjoy delicious drinks and something sweet to eat. At EventAgent24 you are sure to find a café that suits you perfectly.

The right organisation

EventAgent24 is convinced that nothing can go wrong with good organisation. Therefore, we suggest you book your location early enough and... Even more, you should make sure that the catering of your guests is discussed with the restaurant early enough.

What do you have to do for a birthday?

  • Cake

It is really hard to imagine a celebration, especially a birthday, without a cake. Almost everyone likes a classic chocolate cake or a delicate sponge cake. A beautiful cake can perhaps also be an alternative to a main course at your party.

  • Presents 

The sweet moment of expectation... You get a beautifully packaged parcel and don't know what's inside. Carefully loosen the tape or rip the wrapping paper hastily. Both methods have their advantages.

  • Guests 

Guests are just as important at a party as the birthday child. The reason is obvious: Your guests create the unforgettable atmosphere of your party. If you take care of them a little, you will be rewarded with a great atmosphere. 

With these points we want to make clear that you should choose a location that:

  • offers space for the gifts,
  • has enough seats to eat your cake
  • offers sufficient space so that your guests feel comfortable and can spend time with you.

Location to dance

When you are happy, you want to dance! No matter how old you get. When choosing the location you should make sure that there is enough space to dance. Especially when planning a birthday party, you should consider a dance floor, as the mood is sure to be exuberant.

Dancing is one reason why you rent a location instead of celebrating at home. You will also be doing your neighbours a favour.

Children's Birthday

Are you looking for a suitable location for a children's birthday party? Good that you are with EventAgent24. We help you to book the best location for your children. We would be interested to know which activities the children enjoy? How many children were invited? Are all children approximately the same age or are games for children of different ages needed? Will the parents also be present?

Location: Open air

Regardless of whether you are organising a children's birthday party or a party for adults, the first question is: will it be an outdoor or indoor party? If you answer this question, you have already done half of the organisational work. So why not choose your location with EventAgent24!