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The best live music for your colleagues

A company event is a special kind of celebration. You may ask why? It's easy to explain. Now, list how long you've been at work? And now consider how much time you spend at home. Probably you don't have any questions left, do you? Unless you ask yourself why you devote so little time to your family and why work determines your whole life.

Yes, on the one hand you spend a lot of time, maybe sometimes too much, at work. But you can't deny why you spend so much time at your workplace. Yes, you love your work. But you also love your family, don't you? But there's something about the workplace that you don't have at home. It's a corporate event. That's right. This event is often one of the criteria for choosing a job. You're not attracted to countless hours of overtime that are badly paid. Surely many people wish to work for a company that not only has an outstanding reputation in its industry, but is also known for its great company party. At a company that places great emphasis on the well-being of its employees.

If your company is in exactly this position, it means that you should not lose your image. That is why it is necessary to organize a company party regularly.

From ABBA cover bands to ACDC cover bands

When you attend a party or event, what do you notice? Surely you keep the taste of the food in your head for a long time, despite whether it was excellent or disgusting. Only once you have registered the food, pay attention to the music. That says a lot about the party.

Imagine you enter the hall and hear a classical melody played by a string quartet. And now the second variation. You enter the hall and you hear "Highway to hell". You could go on and on with examples for hours. But that does not change the fact. The music at the party is top notch.

So if you want to create a really good party for your colleagues, you should hire a live band. If your colleagues are too different, you could do a small, anonymous survey. Then it will be easier to agree on a music style. Everyone has his or her own individual taste in music.

Live Coverband

Do you still have questions why a cover band is the best option? Here you will get some arguments.

  1. A cover band is the golden middle, concerning the number of artists. Usually it consists of 3 to 7 people, which is not too much and not too little. Compared to an orchestra you need much less space.
  2. Wide-ranging repertoire. Cover bands usually offer a wide range of songs, genres and musicians.
  3. Live music. Live music is always better than a recording. It creates a lively flair and never gets boring.
  4. It reflects reactions. A cover band can create, maintain and reflect the atmosphere. It reacts to the behaviour of the audience and acts accordingly.
  5. Work for lasting joy. Only if you invite a live cover band to your company party will your colleagues remember the evening forever.

Team Building with music

Do you have no idea where to find talented musicians and cover bands for your party? Here you are right! You only need to indicate your wishes and we will take care of the rest. Please indicate the desired music style and budget. The service providers will check if they are available on the dates given and the company party can start.

Age is not an issue with music. Surely your colleagues are at different ages. EventAgent24 helps you to create the right musical frame. We are sure that your colleagues can become a real team through music.