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Expert photographer for corporate events

Did you see your boss kissing his secretary in the corner? And the shyest colleague isn't so shy after all. Perhaps the ladies in the bathroom are not worth talking about. How? Did you miss the whole thing? Did you miss the whole thing? The only thing you can do now is wait for your photographer to take the pictures. Thank God you thought of that soon enough.

Always stay in the memories of colleagues. Always be the one "who danced all night at the bar that night". Who better to immortalize that than a professional photographer? That's right, nobody. That's why booking a professional photographer is one of the first things to do when organising a company party.

Professional Photos

We are sure that your company event does not only consist of a party, but also of an official part. It is obvious that this part should be recorded.Why are we telling you all this? It's very simple. You can use the photos of your company party for several purposes. Here are some ideas:

  • as advertising material. The photos of a professional are of high quality. This means that you can use the pictures more than once for advertising purposes for your company.
  • Maybe your company wants to grow and is always looking for staff. New employees are often attracted with pictures. If the new employees have familiar faces in front of them, they feel more comfortable.
  • Document the history of the company. From year to year the staff changes. Nevertheless everyone plays an important role. That is why they should not be forgotten in the company's history. It is similar to a family album.
  • Moodboard. Do you have a relaxation area in your company? Or a room where most colleagues like to spend their time? Create a large mood board with photos from the company party. You will notice that this place will be visited more often. Moreover, the employees are happy when they see themselves in the photos. This improves the mood and consequently the work performance.
  • Greeting cards. If your company congratulates all employees and partners on various occasions, you can give away your own greeting cards with personal photos. Now imagine how happy your employees are about such a card.

Smartphone photos vs. professional photos 

Thriftiness vs greed. There are certain things you can't spend that much money on or even do without. On the other hand, there are things that are really worth spending money on. We at EventAgent24 are sure that great live music and professional photos are among those things.

During the preparation of the company event, you have certainly put a lot of effort into getting everything done. You took into account the wishes of the employees when putting together the entertainment programme. It would simply be a pity if the celebration were to be forgotten. Would you like to avoid that? Then book a professional photographer quickly!

We would like to thank the technical development team for the great opportunity our phones offer to take quality pictures. It is also a good idea to get additional photos from colleagues. But these are definitely not allowed to be published.

The thought of asking a staff member to take the photos is bad. After all, he shouldn't be overwhelmed. He has as much right to rest as the others. So don't take away anyone's rights! You should rather book a professional photographer!

We have collected the best photographers especially for you. Choose from our list and book quickly. The best service providers are booked out quickly. And your company deserves the best.