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Chocolate cake for birthday in a few minutes

A party is always a good idea. But a motto party is an even better idea. Organise the children's party in the style of beloved heroes and be pleased about satisfied children.

Have you already decided on a style for the party? Make an effort when planning the party, because the devil is in the details.

Two tiers cake

A tiered cake has long been one of the best known and most popular cakes. It is ideal not only because of its size, but also because the different levels can have different flavours. In this way, every child will certainly enjoy it. You can decide whether you want fondant on the cake or not.

Single tiered cake

Compared to multi-tiered cakes, a one-tiered cake conveys simple elegance and this is very much in vogue. However, a single-storey cake can be very high and have a large diameter. So you don't have to worry about whether it will be enough for everyone.

Cake with fondant for kids

All you have to do is say the following words to your confectioner: child's birthday cake and fondant. You will immediately receive an unbelievable number of offers and can choose between many creative works of art. The children will love the colourful cake, which is visually totally different from classic cakes.

Peppa Pig cake or mermaid cake

Is your child an enthusiastic Peppa Pig fan? Or does everything revolve around mermaids? Maybe pirates are in the first place? Well, then put them on the cake. The talented confectioners manage to place different figures on your cake. This is how wonderful cakes can be created. A cake with cream or fondant looks much more interesting with your favourite character on it. A breathtaking birthday surprise guaranteed!

At EventAgent24 you can find your favourite cake. Our service providers can do the magic of the right cake for every motto. Furthermore, our confectioners pay attention to the age of the birthday child. You can be sure that you will find a confectioner who can bake the perfect cake for a kindergarten child as well as for a teenager.

Price of the birthday cake

The price of the birthday cake plays an important role in the selection and sometimes the price simply cannot be justified. That is why you should search on the platform EventAgent24. At EventAgent24 you can easily find and order the cake you want for your budget.

Birthday cake from the confectionery

Of course you can bake the cake by yourself. But you will be wasting time that you could spend with your family. Instead, we suggest that you order the birthday cake from a confectioner.

We can help you in this. Fill in the enquiry form and specify your wishes regarding size, appearance, shape and taste. We will find the confectioner who best meets your wishes. A variety of designs and recipes in the confectioner's portfolio speaks for his flexibility and professionalism, and a large number of cakes indicates strong demand and experience. You can rely on us and enjoy your cake.