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Beach party with the best entertainment

Organising a remarkable party is not a problem with EventAgent24. Celebrate with all your friends until the morning hours. This is exactly what we do when you contact us to find specific service providers for your party.

What could be a better way to spend your free time with friends than at a really cool party? Organising a party seems easy. But there are many things to consider. With us you can choose the best artists for your party. Concerning the organisation you should be aware of the following:

  • how big your party can be
  • whether there should be a style, dress code and motto for the party

By answering these questions, you have clarified some important points. But the preparation list contains many other tasks that you will have to take care of. We would like to offer you our help in this respect. With our platform you can find your desired service provider in a short time and without obligation. Fill out the enquiry form and specify your wishes, we will take care of the rest.

Showact with party music

You simply cannot imagine a great party without music. Music is a must-have. But sometimes even good music is not enough. If you had the opportunity to choose a period of time in which you could live, which era would you choose? Can you make a decision without thinking about it for a long time? We would like to revive this decade with the show act accompanied by the appropriate music.

We at Eventagent24 confirm that the better the music you choose for your party, the better the party will be. But if you want to give your guests even more pleasure, you should definitely book a show act at EventAgent24.

The right artist underlines the style of the party. Would you dare to book a fire-breather for your party? Are you not also attracted to the danger? Now your dream can come true! Pompous, because nothing else matters!

Bubble artist

For a children's party, a bubble artist would be a good choice. It is a great moment when the huge soap bubble floats through the air and all the children try to burst it the fastest. But also adults are happy about soap bubbles at a beach or pool party, after all everyone wears a swimming costume.

Bar show

Are you looking for something extraordinary? We suggest you to give your party on the beach something special with a bar show. EventAgent24 offers experienced show bartenders who have perfected the art of mixing drinks. Different cocktail variations will impress you and your guests, who will certainly be happy to be your test person.

Show in the party tent

It was without doubt one of your best ideas to organise a party on the beach with a party tent. The tent gives the party something special with its extraordinary atmosphere and a show adds even more magic to the party. This makes it simply perfect for a party on the beach.

Your party

Be honest: everyone has often organised a party in their own house and that is no longer so interesting. You have long since planned to spend time with your friends somewhere else. We can help you choose the perfect show act to make your party unforgettable. Find the right showact at EventAgent24!

We offer you the opportunity to plan something unique for your party. Hire the best entertainers. If you prefer discreet entertainment, we have other ideas for you. For example, book a bar show. The barkeeper will give the party the right atmosphere with a bar show.

With EventAgent24 you will find outstanding shows for your party.