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Beach Party with full throttle

Dancing barefoot on the beach, watching the glittering water first at sunset and later at the full moon, enjoying the delicious cocktails with colorful straws. No, it is no longer a dream! This dream can come true with just a few clicks! Simply formulate your wish on a wish list! We will help you to find the perfect service providers!

Everything for a beach party

To celebrate a beach party at the highest level, you need a lot of accessories. From the swimming pool to the straws. No need to panic! Our service providers have everything ready for you!

Swimming pool

The size is not so important. It will be used anyway. Regardless of the age of your guests, they will certainly look forward to the slide and fantasy-inspired air mattresses or floating tires.


Everyone needs a break under a sun sailor on a sunbed in the shade of a parasol. Guests not only want to be active but also to have a good time. Create additional sunbathing and sitting possibilities. Think of hammocks and/or lounge chairs! They will certainly give your party a unique flair.

Beach music

You have to think about the music and set priorities. We offer you a wide selection, from the best DJs to great bands. Additionally, you have the unique opportunity to turn your beach party into a show with the best dance and show acts. Do not miss this chance! Not only the sun will make you really hot!


If there is a swimming pool, cocktails and music, there is no need to organize extra entertainment for the guests. Nevertheless, beach volleyball, badminton and water spray guns are very popular at beach parties.

Beach Party Food

We offer you the best caterers in our service. An experienced caterer will ensure sufficient food and enough choice for your guests. The most popular dishes are barbecue and finger food.

Beach Party Bar

You can't have a beach party without cocktails. Book a bar show that is a special kind of show act and amazes everyone. The show is followed by the catering. You don't have to limit yourself to simple glasses when serving. Here you can let your imagination run wild and use the beverage container as fun entertainment.

Deco for Beach party

Creative decorations including various garlands play an important role in creating the right ambiance. For a Hawaiian party, for example, coconut cups would be very suitable. Your guests will certainly look forward to funny photos. The main thing is that everything fits together.

Everyone at a beach party

Do you already have a list of who you are inviting to your beach party? No, let's go! Have the party on a beach, so you have no space limitations. Invite your friends with a plus one. The more the merrier. That works here.

Bikini or Hawaiian Party

Remember the dress code for your guests! Do you give your beach party a motto or do you allow all kinds of things? Since it has to do with water and warmth, a swimsuit is usually the dress-code. But you can connect all guests with one element. So maybe everyone should wear funny sunglasses, a huge hat or a tie. If you are having a Hawaiian party, different colorful flowers and wreaths won't be bad. The best way to tell your guests this is in the invitation cards.

The combination of a hot beach and cool water will create the best atmosphere at your beach party. Organize your beach party with EventAgent24! Choose with us the best service provider and enjoy your party!

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