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Top beach party with best DJ

Are you organizing a beach party? With us you will find the right DJ for your party. With more than 2,000 registered DJs, you are sure to find a DJ from your region. We want to help you to find your desired DJ.

What makes a perfect beach party? Beach, sun, music. You cannot book the sunny weather but you can book a DJ. Here you can quickly find and book your DJ.

Beach Party Hits

A DJ convinces by his ability to combine music in the right way. Real professionals will surprise you with their unique interpretations. A DJ can easily switch from one style to another, meeting the mood of the audience with an infallible feeling.

DJ and lighting effects

Be honest, are you looking for a moderator or a DJ? The main task of a DJ is to play music and not to talk. We offer you a selection of the best professionals in their field. Choose the DJ, who can meet most of your needs and reflect your style in the best possible way. Empathy and flexibility are what make a perfect DJ. Therefore we suggest you to make your choice based on these criteria.

The broad repertoire is the result of years of experience. This helps the DJ to adapt to wishes and preferences and to respond to the current mood and atmosphere. Because it is important for a DJ to understand his audience. In other words: he must be adaptable. With a well-chosen DJ you don't have to worry about someone leaving your party dissatisfied or getting bored in a corner somewhere. Lighting, mirror and special effects help the DJ to do this.

When choosing between a DJ and another type of entertainment, such as a show act, you should consider the following: For a DJ you do not necessarily need to plan a lot of space. With limited space a DJ has no problem. Now compare a DJ and a band performing with lots of equipment and instruments. Compared to a solo singer, a DJ does not become too pushy and tiring with his voice.

Organize your dream party on the beach

A party on the beach is not only a dream, but easily realized. Can you imagine to organize your dream party on the beach? It is much easier than you might think. Just fill out an enquiry form, in which you specify all your wishes. Afterwards you will have to be patient until we have found suitable service providers for you. In doing so, we will focus exclusively on your wishes and criteria, so that your dreams come true.

Appear pompously

Among professional musicians there are often discussions about which stage is the best. This involves various details, from the size of the stage to the quality of the technology. While some musicians are reluctant to perform outdoors because the acoustics are difficult to assess, this is no problem for DJs. They are used to huge stages. They can adjust the music so well that the volume is right for the guests in the first to the last row. Especially when the beach forms the stage, technical nuances have to be considered. That's why you look to us. EventAgent24 works on a high level, so that you are satisfied with the result.

With best music until the morning

Dance barefoot on the beach, watch the glittering water first at sunset and later at full moon and enjoy delicious cocktails with colourful straws. No, it is no longer a dream! This dream can come true with just a few clicks! We will help you to find the perfect music that will make your party on the beach simply first class!