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Beach party with delicious cocktails

You are known for your great parties, right? Now it is time to have a beach party. To make your party a success, we suggest that you use our platform to search for service providers. We want to help you find the best caterer quickly and easily. It has never been easier to find the service provider you are looking for than on EventAgent24, where you can book the best service providers with just a few clicks.

EventAgent24 will find service providers for you that will make your party unique. At your party you certainly don't want to work all the time, that's why our service providers are happy to take over all tasks to make your wishes come true.

Book party catering

More than 1,000 providers have registered on our platform to offer you their services. Booking the caterer does not take long. But you will only find a good caterer with us.

All you have to do is specify what you are looking for. What kind of catering do you want? Should there be only snacks and finger food or a real menu? Should there be meat dishes, cheese and fish dishes or desserts? Maybe you have rather thought of a buffet? As I said, you tell us your wishes and we will find caterers for you - quickly and without obligation.

Planning a party is easier than ever

Would you like to know how you can remove countless tasks from your to-do list? It is very demanding to be the host. After all, as a host you have to take care of everything, from invitations to cleaning up. Every component of the party must be well planned to make your celebration unforgettable.

If you plan a party on the beach, you must be prepared for everything. You need to think about the invitations and the decorations that reflect the style of your party. You should also serve delicious food and entertain your guests. You can organise fun games and book a band or DJ for the party.

Outdoor Party

Would you prefer an outdoor party? Surely it depends on the weather and the season. But with a good organisation all wishes can be realised. The choice of location often causes many problems. For example, transporting the food at an outdoor party can cause headaches. We suggest the following: Choose the location that you like and stop thinking about the food. You don't have to worry about that at all when you book your caterer with EventAgent24. You specify your wishes and he will take care of the rest.

Beach party cocktails

Matching the motto "beach" you can offer your guests delicious and unusual drinks at a cocktail bar. Alcohol-free as well as alcoholic cocktails are delicious thirst quenchers. Moreover, your guests will certainly enjoy celebrating all night long when they are provided with tropical cocktails! To be honest, it is hard to imagine a beach party without cocktails. EventAgent will gladly help you find a caterer who creates unique cocktails for you.


Antipasti is the figurehead for cold dishes. Antipasti is the term used to describe fried vegetables such as aubergines, courgette, mushrooms, capers, etc., which are pickled in oil and herbs. The vegetables are usually served on a piece of baguette. It is a classic Italian starter. So if you are a fan of bruschetta and carpaccio, you can book and enjoy these dishes with an experienced caterer.


Something light but satiating at the same time. Something girls like to eat. Something that can have very different ingredients. Yes, we are talking about a salad. Whether it's a barbecue or a cocktail party, delicious salads are very popular as a side dish or main course. Pasta salads with cream, mascarpone or cream cheese quickly fill you up and always taste delicious. There is also a huge selection of salads with meat or fish and a variety of vegetables.


Are you organising a party with many guests? EventAgent24 can offer you caterers who will serve you a range of dips to suit every taste. Spicy sauces and creamy dips are a delicious bonus for your party. Dips add a great deal of value to a buffet or a barbecu. Yoghurt, sour cream and cream cheese are basic ingredients of typical spreads that are well received by all guests. Freshly baked baguettes, a ciabatta, flat bread or pizza rolls are perfect for dips. If you are having a barbecue party, the steak or grilled vegetables will certainly taste even better with a dip.

Compiling the party menu

So many people, so many tastes! It seems impossible to satisfy everyone. Do not be discouraged. At this point we will tell you a secret. If you book your caterer with EventAgent24, your dream will come true. Here at EventAgent24 we help you to create a good party plan to plan an unforgettable party.

Say "Yes" to a party. With one of our experienced caterers you will have no worries, only satisfied guests!