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Your perfect party tent for your birthday

Are you thinking about how to organise your birthday? Do you not know how and where to celebrate it? Don't you want your celebration to depend on the weather? EventAgent24 has a solution for you! Save yourself time by renting a party tent.

Family celebrations in the party tent

A festival tent is absolutely perfect for a family party. Do you remember how you used to play with the neighbour's children in your childhood in a self-built tent? Now you have the opportunity to take your party in a tent to another level.

Here are some advantages if you would like to celebrate your birthday in a party tent:

  • Informality

In a tent you feel comfortable and the atmosphere is relaxed.

  • No limitations on style 

If you decide to celebrate in a tent, there is no limit to the style and you can let your imagination run wild. You can choose from an elegant motto to the popular boho and hippie style.

  • Mobility 

One of the biggest advantages of a tent is its mobility. If you are organising an outdoor party, you are not restricted by room sizes or other buildings. All you have to do is find a flat surface on which you can set up your tent comfortably.

How do you choose your tent correctly?

If you are looking for the right tent, you have to follow some criteria.

  • Size

In order to calculate the optimal size, you must determine the exact number of guests. Everything else depends on how you want to design the tent. If there will be no seating at your party and your guests will be standing, you should plan on about 0.5 square metres per guest. If the guests will be seated, you should plan on about 0.7 square metres per guest. With a beer tent you need more space because of the fittings alone and you should plan about 0.8 square meters per guest. If you want to set up additional tables for the guests, you should reckon with 1 to 1.2 square metres per person. So if you want to rent a 6x8m tent, you can accommodate about 96 people without seating or 68 people with seating.

  • Material 

There is a wide range of materials from which a tent can be made. The most commonly used materials are polyester, polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride. However, since no long-term use of the tent is required, you can save on quality. The situation is quite different if you plan the celebration during a time when you have to expect constant and violent storms. A PVC tent is one of the most robust materials and can protect you from strong wind and rain. PE tents are light but still stable, as you will notice even when putting up and taking down the tent.

  • Budget 

For the organization of a birthday party, you probably have a limited budget that you should not ignore when making your choice. Otherwise, you should save on drinks, for example. 

Decoration for the birthday party in the party tent

Have you decided to build a party tent this year? Are you thinking about the style of your party? EventAgent24 can assure you that the decoration can give your party an unforgettable atmosphere. A tent offers great possibilities to realize a motto. Certain thematic accessories will certainly impress your guests.

Pretty dressed in the Raffpavillon

A stylish birthday party has its own rules. You could organize a theme party where the guests should dress according to the dress code. EventAgent24 offers you help in choosing the right clothes and accessories for your birthday party. Choose your style with us!

Lamella pavilion for the party

This type of pavilion is for those who organize the best parties. For those who know how to party properly. This modern type of pavilion does not need any extra decoration. You just need good music, lots of friends and a caterer. The party will be fabulous from the first song until the morning hours. You and your guests will certainly look forward to this ambience.