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Creating an unforgettable memory with music?

For EventAgent24 this is absolutely not a problem. It is only your choice in which style to create your own wedding. So if you think precisely about decoration, you should also give an answer to the question of music. We help you to choose the right one!

Do you wonder if music can influence the style of the wedding? We, EventAgent24, can confirm, Yes, music defines the style of the wedding. Music contributes much more than you might think. If you book a band that only has classical music in its repertoire for the guests who are permanent customers of the nightclubs, it won't work.

There are very seldom people in this world who don't care about music. As in many moments, you ask yourself one of the most important questions during the preparation for the wedding. How should the music at my wedding be?

A DJ is not only a sign of the modern age. So if someone convinces you that you should also pay attention to the older generation, then calm them down. EventAgent24 will help you to find the DJ who can be good for different tastes. Maybe just Spotify?

You can refuse to believe if it is worth spending a lot of money on a DJ. You may think that you can do it yourself with your mobile phone and a stereo. This is possible, but not recommended. Just think about what to expect. First of all, you have to put yourself the playlist together. You'll need to switch the music yourself, depending on the mood. If you can't do it yourself, you'll have to hire someone from your circle of friends to turn your party into work. And you'll probably have pauses during the switching. In a word, this means stress. In comparison, you can enjoy the happiest day of your life without any stress. If it is also your goal, click on!

The advantages of a DJ.

  • A string quartet consists of four people, a top wedding band of five or six people, a DJ works on his own. Even from space, you must ensure enough room for the musicians at the wedding. If you decide to celebrate your wedding in a small restaurant or cozy tent for 30 people, the tasteful DJ is one of the best ideas.
  • The DJ will mix the best music just for you. Discuss the playlist with him in advance so you don't have to be concerned. But be sure that the real know-it-all feels the mood and needs of the audience with all his cells. That means you can rely on the professional completely.
  • Avoid the moment when the guests and the couple feel uncomfortable in silence with a DJ. He doesn't need to take a break. He has enough experience to play the appropriate music as background and to set the highlights while dancing.
  • The DJ adapts to the audience and not vice versa. Discuss your preference and relax! Be sure, this music is not and will never be repeated.

The perfect DJ is waiting for you.

If you are looking for a DJ with an exclusive and coordinated music selection for your wedding, who performs in style, you will find it with us! More than 100 happy couples choose their DJ every day. EventAgent24 offers you the possibility to book the best acoustic option in only 4 steps.