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If you are thinking about how to plan your wedding, EventAgent24 comes to your mind. First of all, you should contact us, because we are serious, professional wedding planners with whom you can feel comfortable.

Couples who plan special occasions like a wedding are often overstrained to include wedding planning tasks in their diaries because this is not their job, but our job. We make perfect wedding plans for you.

Tell us about your dream wedding

There is no better wedding than the couple's dream wedding. Since there is no typical wedding, EventAgent24 only offers you a tailor-made plan for your wedding. From the simple search for a provider to the complete care of your wedding, whether you like it traditional or lavish, we write the scenario and stage this great and unforgettable day.

You have joy, impatience, love, dream and demand; we have contacts, ideas, envy, strength, experience. All that remains is the connection between you and us! Because you are unique, let us work together.

How to plan your wedding

Often the biggest challenge for couples is knowing where to start. As with most things in life, you can feel a little anxious if you have no experience. Now that the average wedding costs 22,000 euros, it is understandable why most couples want to save every cent they can.

Here are some guidelines for planning your wedding

  • Draw up a cost plan/cost estimate
  • Define the core areas of your wedding
  • Determine essential and non-essential elements
  • Create a schedule calendar for the execution
  • Then contact EventAgent24

But we advise you not to do it alone.

Planning your wedding alone can be very costly; that's why we're here. We can help you save money. Because that way you'll do it right, without exceeding your budget. Do not risk this result if you can do it perfectly by simply contacting EventAgent24.

Why choose us to plan your wedding?

  • The team members of EventAgent24 are specialists in the design and organization of weddings.
  • We know the industry very well and study the latest trends.
  • EventAgent24 organizes a limited number of events per month, which allows us to maintain a distinctive level of quality and direct and personalized service.
  • We work with service providers who have a recognized career and an excellent professional level.
  • We are an independent company, therefore we offer service providers according to the needs and budget of the couple and guarantee absolute autonomy in recruitment.
  • Accompaniment of all interviews so that we receive an immediate response about the couple's tastes and preferences.
  • Experience and professionalism: EventAgent24 knows which important aspects to consider at what time and why.
  • We make the schedule for the interviews adaptable to the couple's times and availability.
  • We react very quickly. Phone or chat support around the clock is guaranteed if you let us plan your wedding.
  • We adapt our services to each couple.
  • When we plan your wedding, we guarantee honesty, seriousness and responsibility, paying attention to every detail.

What is included in your wedding plan Plan discussion.

  • Preparing the general wedding schedule (activities already done in the next steps).
  • Brainstorm details: meeting with the bride and groom, consisting of providing the best, new and most original ideas for each wedding reception.
  • Proposal, supervision and control of the entire wedding budget.
  • Room layout. Format and locations (tables and livings).
  • Creation of your wedding website.
  • Guest management and RSVP.
  • The wedding day service includes: Contact with all contracted suppliers/service providers to coordinate, confirm and check that all aspects are in order.
  • Final meeting with the bride and groom, days before the wedding, to review and finalize details.
  • Preparing the timing of the wedding day and controlling its follow-up by all participating providers.
  • Presence on the wedding day, from the bride's preparations until the last guest withdraws from the event.
  • We often have a surprise gift for the bridal couple.

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