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Wanted catering for the wedding?

After all, the wedding preparations are not finished after one day. It consists of a series of complex issues. Would you like to worry about one pointless? Don't you know how to make your wedding as simple as possible?

Two main things create a positive atmosphere at a wedding: music and food. We want to help you find the best for you without any effort. If you need a particularly elegant and stylish ambiance, choose your caterer at EventAgent24!

A combination of contrasts

It is always difficult to adapt to the taste of each guest. One is a convinced meat-eater, while the other is a vegetarian. Another one is vegan and the children prefer fries and pizza. With a fixed wedding menu these tastes are difficult to combine. Don't panic! We have foreseen this situation and offer you an immediate solution. Ask for wedding catering! Without exaggerating, using the services of a caterer brings you many advantages. Through catering, you can combine everything you want. Thus you offer meat-eaters, vegetarians, vegans and food allergy sufferers the opportunity to put together their menu according to their wishes. The most important thing is that you remain calm, satisfied and full.

Advantages of catering:

You are not bound to a menu from the restaurant

Each restaurant offers you its menu suggestions. This can be a restriction for people with various food intolerances.

You can choose any location for your wedding

High up on a mountain, on a hidden beach, in an old enchanting forest or on an alpine meadow. For caterers, this is no problem at all. They are at the desired location on time, regardless of all circumstances.

You can invite more people

Because you are making a list of dishes, you are not limited by a prescribed number of portions. This means that you can expect a larger number of guests.

You can offer several different dishes

Both fish platter and cheese platter. From finger food to main courses. A dessert station or a cocktail bar. There is no limit.

Your wedding dinner is varied

At any time, your guests can enjoy your favorite food in any order. Just as the mood takes you.

Every guest finds something to his taste

Since you can choose between different dishes, you will satisfy everyone! Even the most demanding guest.

Everyone takes the optimal portion

You often come across a problem in a restaurant regarding portion sizes. Either they are too large or too small. The catering service helps you to avoid this problem.

We assure you that EventAgent24 will help you to choose the service where quality and quantity are both right. The service that touches all the senses of your guests. Start your wedding reception with a casual get-together and toast with your guests. At the beginning, you can offer finger food or small snacks. This is followed by the banquet. You can always choose between an exclusive menu, a "walking dinner" as well as a classic or even exotic barbecue buffet or a buffet of your taste. For professional caterers taste, appearance, perfect timing, trained service personnel and the professional planning and realization of your wedding are of great importance.

Discuss everything with your caterer. You are the bridal couple and your choice counts. Would you like a buffet or menu service, finger food with dips, a grill buffet or a cocktail bar? Everything will be clarified and discussed with the catering service. You can even order a test meal to avoid any negative surprises on your big day.

Since your childhood, good, delicious food has served as a reward. When you meet up with friends, you always go out for a good meal. If the food in a cafe was bad, never go to that cafe again. But if it was good, tell all your friends and colleagues. This is how it works especially with the food at your wedding. With the help of your caterer, you have a wonderful opportunity to give all the dishes your personal touch as the bridal couple. Reward yourself and your guests with excellent food! We as a service for wedding services are at your disposal!