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Let us make your wedding decoration

One of the most beautiful days in life is probably the wedding - the bride and groom say yes to each other and celebrate this yes to love and living together with family and friends.

To make the day unforgettable, the most appropriate wedding decoration is needed. To make this romantic day unforgettable, EventAgent24 offers experienced wedding teams to accompany you with innovative and creative ideas, and will be available from the first meeting to the end of the wonderful day.

Here we have a large network of wedding experts who have a sense of aesthetics and style that makes your wedding decoration unique and incomparable.

Whether in a small circle or with several hundred guests - the focus is on making your wedding decoration perfect.

Find the right team for your wedding decoration

The decoration of a wedding has endless facets: it starts with carpets, the stage, the bridal table or the dance floor.

We help you to find the best wedding decoration, to put together your dreamlike flower decoration, to select exclusive furniture and imposing lighting concepts and to make sure that your wedding leaves a lasting impression.

Your wedding decoration is invaluable to you - EventAgent24 ensures that your expectations are not just met, but far exceeded.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Being creative while decorating a wedding should be beyond the usual flower and other normal wedding decorations. For an impressive wedding decoration, individuals should explore the regular arena and look for the unusual ways in which to achieve creativity.

To save money on the decoration of wedding, look for the various items in the non-traditional areas. Here, you can find out more about costly wedding decorating teams.

Trying to find out more about the clearance and end of season sales. Seasonal items are therefore an excellent idea to use at a theme wedding décor. Getting huge amounts of money on the holiday season is spent in the big savings that can be spent on the honeymoon.

If you are thinking of a Christmas wedding reception, the wedding cake is ready to be put in the center of each table. Another idea is to give the guest a favor.

A pine cone dusted with glitter can be used as a festive place card holder. Another wedding décor is being held on a white background Christmas lights and place on the table.

A pumpkin holding candles can be used as a centerpiece at the wedding reception highlight. The glow from the candles wants to create a warm atmosphere at the decoration wedding hall.

Some more ideas are candy cane candles candles wrapped in glass holders and candles wrapped in a wedding basket.

The perfect wedding décor with flowers

What would a wedding décor be without flowers? Whether in the church, the registry office or the dining room - flowers beautify the ambience and spread an exquisite scent. The trend in the wedding flower arrangements is currently back to naturalness. Delicate pastel shades are used as well as deep, dark colors.

Our teams specialize in making the floral decorations look simple by mixing exotic flowers with native ones and sticking as naturally as possible. It is not the "stiffening" in the foreground, but the natural beauty of every single flower.

We also apply the principle for your bridal bouquet: even a small, delicate bouquet can look exclusive and perfectly match the wedding dress. We are also happy to provide the elegant flower arrangements for the bridal car. EventAgent24 offers you everything - from the most affordable, wonderfully natural flowers to very exclusive arrangements. Here are some Vendor Questions

  1. Find out the if your choice of flowers will be in season or available on my wedding day?
  2. What are your delivery requirements/costs and set up times?
  3. May I see samples of your work?
  4. Who will be setting up the flowers on the wedding day?
  5. Are you familiar with my wedding site?
  6. What do you charge? Are you willing to work within my budget? What suggestions do you have, given my needs and budget?
  7. What are your deposit and cancellation policies?
  8. What are your guarantees regarding freshness, availability and substitutions?
  9. Do you rent certain items such as aisle runners, candleabras, etc?
  10. What is your coverage area? Just say what you want - we fulfill your expectations!