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Confectioner for wedding cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the highlights of a wedding. Usually a song is chosen especially for this. That is why you should choose your wedding cake very carefully.

Wedding cake prices

What does the price of the wedding cake depend on? There are quite a lot of factors, from the ingredients and size up to the delivery. If the cake should be decorated with fresh berries or real flowers, it will obviously cost slightly more. Even for the design of the cake you will usually pay extra.

But the main thing you have to think about is the number of guests. Only then you will know what size you need and can therefore calculate the price. On average you should calculate with 5-10 € per cake piece. So if the wedding cake should be enough for 25 people, you should calculate between € 125 and € 250. For 100 persons the price is in the range of 500 € to 1.000 €.

Cake decoration

Do you like classic wedding cakes with the bride and groom figures on them or do you imagine a modern cake? Please note that non-edible decoration must be removed from the cake before serving. From small macarons to individual lettering with your name, everything can be integrated into your wedding cake. Discuss your wishes with the pastry chef and look forward to the great result.

Two-tiered wedding cake vs one-tiered wedding cake

The most famous and favourite cake has always been the tiered cake. Firstly, it has the optimal size. Secondly, it is possible to choose different flavours per tier. So you can not only get a classic chocolate cake, but also a raspberry cake or any other variety that suits your taste. Thirdly, with this choice you will satisfy every guest.

Compared to multi-tiered cakes, a one-tiered cake can appear too plain. But do not be fooled. Single tiered cakes can be different in height and size. And beautiful decorations, which also match the general wedding decoration, will make your single-storey cake an eye-catcher.

Great wedding cakes

Big or small? Does the size of the wedding cake play a decisive role? Or is it the taste and appearance that counts? Since you are expecting a certain number of guests, you can estimate accordingly how big the cake should be. If we are talking about multi-tiered cakes, each tier weighs 2-3 kg on average.

The right confectionery

Very important: You can dream of the perfect cake, but if you don't have a talented confectioner, it will always remain a dream. Therefore we recommend that you do not waste any time and fill in the enquiry form on our platform. Enter your wishes and budget and in a short time you will receive an appropriate offer from us.

While organising your wedding you have to think about many things. When it comes to the food, everything must be fresh. This also applies to the wedding cake, which should be prepared by your confectioner on the wedding day or the day before.

The next question you need to ask yourself concerns the delivery. Clarify whether you should pick up the cake yourself or whether the confectioner will do it for you.

Cutting of the wedding cake

The cutting of the wedding cake is the beginning of the sweet marriage life. This is exactly why so much importance is attributed to this moment. Discuss with your wedding moderator beforehand how everything is going to take place or what kind of music will be played and enjoy the tradition.