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Live wedding bands and wedding musicians to accompany your celebration.

With EventAgent24 you can book a music band for your wedding ceremony quickly, easily and inexpensively. We have a portfolio that covers all genres and music classes and fits your big, beautiful day. We care for all tastes and preferences. Perhaps you would like a German wedding music band, a Turkish wedding music band or Salzburg's top music band for your wedding. Here at EventAgent24, you can easily find any music band that fits your preferences.

Perfect band for wedding

Finding the right music band for your wedding celebration is not an easy task. This is usually one of the most fascinating experiences you will have during your wedding planning.

A perfect music band for your wedding is usually the highlight of the big celebration. It is exactly this music that helps to highlight the colourful atmosphere of the event. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make a selection that matches the mood and colours of your day.

The role of music in your wedding reception is the highlight of your unforgettable romantic day. Therefore, a wedding band serves as the main entertainment for the wedding. They are very close to the centre of your wedding and are therefore very important.

Book a band for your wedding with EventAgent24

Your wedding celebration is not just an ordinary party. It is your big day and therefore deserves a great live wedding band to make the day shine. Here at EventAgent24, we have carefully selected bands and musicians who have played live at various romantic weddings throughout Austria and Germany. Here you could find the top wedding band in Salzburg, also wedding bands in Munich, Vienna and other cities.

  • It is stress-free and uncomplicated
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  • Only appropriate music offers for your wedding will be sent to you.

Tips: this is how to choose a music band for your wedding

The identity and quality of the music band are most important. If you would like to book a band for your wedding, please pay attention to this. Ask the musicians about everything! What kind of music do they play? Are they limited to one genre or are they a trendy music band for the wedding? How long are they "in"? Are they qualified enough?

If you choose the band, you are also interested in their outfit. Usually, they have costumes. But who knows, you might want them to dress according to the theme of your wedding.

Place for wedding bands

The size of the restaurant or wedding location does not play the last role either. Find out if the venue includes a band in the package. If so, there is a list of options from which you will choose. If not, you will also need to find out if there is enough space for the band. This way you will also clarify the size of the band accordingly. An orchestra sounds ugly and exaggerated in a small room. Maybe there are already stationary instruments in the place?

The important thing is what kind of offer the band has for you, or how many hours will they play during the wedding ceremony? Will they also make background music? How? Will they come with a DJ to replace them when the band is finished?

Fill the wedding with music with best wedding music list

Next comes the playlist. Find out if the music band has any playlists to choose from. Specify when each playlist should play - for entrance, couple dance, parent dance, general dance, etc.

Before you choose a band for your wedding reception, try watching their live performances or video footage. So you know what to expect from a band. The more you know about the band, the more enjoyment you get.When you find your dream band, please check if the fees for the wedding music are in proportion to your budget.

If everything matches, don't refuse for long! The best musicians are booked quickly! Choose with EventAgent24!