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Perfect location for your wedding

The planning and organisation of a wedding is an extensive undertaking that consists of many points. But one of the main questions must be answered immediately: Where exactly will the wedding be celebrated? The choice of the right wedding location is crucial. So please do not take this task lightly.

Restaurant for wedding celebrations

The restaurant remains a classic wedding location. There is a huge range of restaurants, of which you will certainly find something to suit you and your taste. Depending on the number of guests and your budget you can choose between down-to-earth and luxurious restaurants.

Organising a wedding in a restaurant is even easier than organising it outdoors. You are not dependent on the weather and a restaurant offers you and your guests maximum comfort.

Wedding in the open air

More and more couples are deciding to have an outdoor wedding. This is no surprise, because with an outdoor wedding you have more freedom and design possibilities. An outdoor wedding is more unconventional and gives you a lot of freedom in planning. The only limit is the sky, literally! Are you one of those couples who feel constrained by the idea of a restaurant? Then you should free yourself from this restriction. Put up an airy tent in the middle of a large field or set up a small, intimate ceremonial area in a clearing in a forest. Mountains, gardens, meadows, courtyards, terraces, lakeshores and beaches provide some of the most exclusive locations and all offer natural light for photography, often not available in many other venues.

Wedding in the wood

Have you already thought about the style of your wedding? Is it boho, rustic or vintage? A perfect location for one of these wedding styles is nature. Surrounded by old trees, the step into marriage feels particularly solemn and sincere. The union of two hearts under fairy lights looks so romantic.

Wedding by the lake

Water has something magical about it. Choosing a lake as a location is an incredibly romantic option. You might even get married on a ship. Imagine the sparkling lights reflected in the water and competing with the stars.

Decorate the wedding location properly

When choosing a wedding location, it is incredibly important that there is enough room for everyone and for everything. There must be enough space for the dance floor, a place to cut the wedding cake, the stage for the musicians and much more. When you choose a wedding location, you may not think about the decoration in the first place, although you should not underestimate its role. The decoration also serves as a guide when choosing the wedding location.

Tips for choosing the location

To make it easier to choose the right location, you should answer the following questions:

  • traditional or casual?
  • small or large?
  • outdoor or indoor?

By answering these questions, you set priorities. Then you will know what you want and make your choice easier.


The fewer worries, the better. EventAgent24 organises many events every day and primarily weddings. From our own experience we know how much you appreciate that everything is covered as much as possible. At this point we would like to draw your attention to another aspect of the choice of location. Note how far the wedding location is from the wedding location. If the locations are far apart, a transfer is a must. Do everything in one place, save yourself time.


Some data are in great demand. For example, it was a dream for many couples to marry on 11.11.11. If you want to get married on a special date you have to be sure that your wedding location is free on the day you want to get married. In order not to miss the desired date, it would be advisable to book the location in advance. Otherwise you will have to find a new date or another location.

Wedding in the castle

If you would like to get married in a castle, then do so. At EventAgent24 you only need to state your wishes and choose your dream location from the personalised offers.