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Need discreet catering for Agape?

It's not like the wedding preparations are completed in a day. Especially when it comes to the wedding ceremony. There is a whole range of important points to consider. Do you want to worry about one less point? Don't you know how to make your wedding ceremony trouble-free?

There are two main things that create a positive atmosphere at a wedding ceremony: music and food. We want to help you to find the best for you without any effort. If you need a particularly elegant and stylish ambience, choose your caterer at EventAgent24!

Party service for the wedding

They say: a hungry guest is a bad-tempered guest. Therefore, it is part of your duties to make sure that nobody is hungry and therefore in a bad mood at your party.

Through the church wedding ceremony you receive the holy sacrament of marriage. It is a very profound and emotional moment. After this moving and upsetting moment, you will surely be hungry as hell. Now you know how your guests feel. To make sure no one starves, it would be wise to find a caterer.

Catering - a great idea

Requesting a caterer right after the wedding ceremony for the agape is an excellent idea. Here are some advantages:

  • it is a solemn moment that one instinctively wants to celebrate with a bottle of champagne. Since you usually don't bring your own bottle to the wedding ceremony, there should be a caterer who will hand you a full glass at the right moment.
  • it's an emotional moment. After the emotional outburst you want to eat something and finger food is ideal.
  • it is a sign of attention and respect for your guests. Later there will be a wedding menu with several courses. But the guests will certainly appreciate the way you take care of them.

Free Ceremony

If you decide on a free ceremony, a caterer is simply perfect. He is the ideal link between the official part and the beginning of the ceremony.

You can choose any location for the free ceremony. We will help you find a caterer who will serve the perfect meal for you at the summit, on a hidden beach or in a flowering meadow.

Civil marriage Champagne reception

If you are planning your civil marriage, please read the following information carefully. For this type of wedding you must register at least 6 months in advance. If you want to be married on a very special date, it would be advisable to register even earlier. Many couples probably have the same idea. So plan ahead. Many registry offices have a limited number of seats. Clarify the exact number to know how many guests you can send an invitation card for your wedding. Although you should primarily take care of a musical accompaniment and the photographer, a catering service should not be underestimated. People need bread and wine!

Sustainable food

If sustainability is important to you, then we have an idea for you. We offer our help in finding a caterer to whom sustainability is as important as you are.

Our professional caterers can offer you different dishes. From fish and cheese platters to finger food and main courses. A dessert station or cocktail bar can also be booked. The caterer can adapt to your taste.

The best caterer for the wedding ceremony

EventAgent24 helps you to choose the service where quality and quantity are right. The service that touches all senses of your guests. Start your wedding reception with a casual get-together and toast with your guests. At the beginning you can offer finger food or small snacks. This is followed by the banquet. You can always choose between an exclusive menu, a "walking dinner" as well as a classic or even exotic grill buffet or a buffet of your taste. For professional caterers taste, appearance, perfect timing, trained service personnel and the professional planning and implementation of your wedding and marriage ceremony are of major importance.

Discuss your wishes with your caterer and make them come true. Reward yourself and your guests with excellent food! We as a portal for wedding services are at your service!

Sparkling wine reception

It is always difficult to adapt to the taste of each individual guest. Some are convinced meat eaters, while others are vegetarians. One guest is vegan and the children prefer fries and pizza. Do not panic. We have foreseen this situation and offer you an immediate solution. Order a caterer for the champagne reception! Sparkling wine improves the mood of the guests and your nerves.

If you choose your caterer at EventAgent24, we assure you that you will be more than satisfied with the result.