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The best marriage ceremony

Have you decided to get married? What a wonderful idea! We suggest that you organize your wedding ceremony quickly and without worries. EventAgent24 will gladly help you find service providers. Fulfill your wishes in no time at all.

Type of marriage ceremony

Have you thought about how you want to be married? As you know, there are three options: the civil wedding, the church wedding and the free wedding. Each of these three variants has a special meaning for the couple. So you have to decide. If the official part of the marriage is very important to you, you cannot do without the civil wedding. If you describe yourself as a religious person, for whom it is important to swear your love before God, then the church wedding will suit you. If you like to set your own rules and do everything your way, you will prefer the free wedding ceremony.

Church Wedding Ceremony

If you want to be married in a church wedding, there is plenty to consider. Normally you have to register in your parish of residence. You also have to take the parish calendar into account. In addition, your parish priest will probably suggest that you attend a marriage seminar. When you are done with all the paperwork, you will receive more information about it:

  • When and where you need to be.
  • Whoever you choose as your best man.
  • Whether you may decorate the church for the ceremony to your liking.
  • What music you may use in the church.

Civil wedding ceremony

For this type of wedding you must register at least 6 months in advance and it has a very official character. If you would like to be married on a very special date, it would be advisable to register even earlier. Many couples probably have the same idea. So plan ahead. Many registry offices have a limited number of seats. Check the exact number to know how many guests you can send an invitation card for your wedding. You will also have to arrange for musical accompaniment for the ceremony. Either the registry office offers you an option, or you may bring your own musicians for the ceremony. Please do not forget to hire a photographer. Such signatures are not provided every day!

Free wedding ceremony

If you would like to design everything individually, you should be free to be married. There are no limits when it comes to organising a free wedding ceremony. There is no wrong or impossible choice, because only you decide how you want to arrange your wedding.

Your wedding ceremony is not an average event. To make sure everything goes according to plan, you need professional help from numerous service providers. EventAgent24 offers you free help. To find the right service provider, all you have to do is enter your wishes and contact details. We do the rest.

Wedding ceremony music

All unforgettable moments and feelings on this day are intensified by the right music. Don't you know yet which music to play at your wedding ceremony? Eventagent24 knows how you can help.

We have compiled a list of musicians especially for this important day. You can find something for every taste. Whether you like classical music, pop, hard rock, drum and bass or jazz, everything is there. From solo singers, string quartets, piano and cello ensembles to orchestras and choirs. Eventagent24 will find the best music for the wedding ceremony for you with just a few clicks.

If you want to organize your wedding ceremony perfectly, trust us! EventAgent24 can help you.

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