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DJ wanted

Create an unforgettable memory with music? For EventAgent24 this is no problem. It is only up to you how you express your style. So if you invest a lot of time in planning, you should also put music at the top of your list. We will help you choose the best one for you!

Do you wonder if the music can influence the style of the wedding? We at EventAgent24 can confirm, Yes, the music contributes to the style of the wedding. It influences your celebration more than you could imagine. If you book a band that only has classical music in their repertoire and your guests are regular visitors of nightclubs, it will not work.

Now you have to decide on the right music and don't know where to find it? You are in the right place. EventAgent24 helps you to organize your wedding ceremony fast and carefree. Fulfill your wishes in no time at all.

DJ service

There are only a few people in this world who don't care about music. In the time of preparation for your wedding you ask yourself one of the most important questions. How should the music for your wedding ceremony be? The moment you have waited so long for, what should it sound like?

Compared to a duo or string quartet, a DJ is often played down as a fashionable phenomenon of the times. Also the conviction that a DJ will only please a young audience is a prejudice. EventAgent24 helps you to find a DJ who meets every taste.

At EventAgent24 you can easily and quickly find a DJ. It works quite simply. You only have to specify your wishes and your budget, we take care of everything else.

Wedding without DJ

Is it worthwhile to hire a DJ? Maybe just Spotify? You can refuse to spend money on a DJ. You can take it into your own hands and replace the DJ with your mobile phone and a music system. This is possible, but not recommended. Just think about what to expect. You'll have to put together the playlist and change the music every time, depending on the mood. You must discuss the music with the show act and coordinate everything. Even if you give the task to someone from your circle of friends, it's not the best solution. After all, you are turning his evening into work. And what do you do in the breaks while you switch or search for a new song because the playlist was too short. This means a stressful day for you! In contrast, you can experience the happiest day of your life without stress. If that's what you want, just keep clicking!

Advantages of a DJ

  • A string quartet consists of four people, a top wedding band of five to six people, a DJ works alone. Even with the size of the room you have to remember that there must be enough room for the musicians at the wedding ceremony. The less space you have available, the better the idea with a DJ sounds.
  • The DJ mixes the best music especially for you. I'm sure you didn't want just one tune playing during the ceremony. Discuss the playlist with him in advance so you don't have to worry. Rely on the professional service of your DJ.
  • The moment when the guests are sitting opposite each other in complete silence and nobody knows what to say, you avoid with a DJ. A DJ does not need a break. He has enough experience to play the appropriate music in the background.
  • The DJ adapts to the audience and not vice versa. Discuss your preferences and relax! Be sure that the music never repeats itself.

Searching for a DJ

The search for a DJ has never been so easy. The perfect DJ is already waiting for you. If you are looking for a DJ with an exclusive and coordinated music selection for your wedding ceremony, you will find it with us! More than 100 happy couples choose their DJ every day. EventAgent24 offers you the possibility to book the best musicians in only 4 steps.