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Beautiful decoration for your wedding ceremony

Experience the sacrament of marriage. It is a huge event that needs a special ambience. You look deeply into each other's eyes, hold each other by the hands and in the background music plays that touches you deeply. To complete the moment you still need the appropriate decoration. We can help you with that.

Wedding ceremony

If you would ask us which moment is special at the wedding, we would answer without hesitation: the wedding ceremony. This event will never be repeated in your life. This is why the wedding ceremony requires meticulous planning. For everything to go according to plan, you need professional support from numerous service providers. EventAgent24 offers you free help. To find the right service provider, all you have to do is enter your wishes and contact details. We do the rest.

Free wedding ceremony

If you wish to be married, you can choose from three options. The wedding ceremony that offers you the most possibilities is the free wedding ceremony. There are no limits when organising a free wedding ceremony. There are no wrong decisions, because only you decide how you want to arrange your wedding.

  • You can choose the location freely. It can either be in a beautiful building or somewhere under the open sky.
  • You choose the wedding speaker yourself. Here you can not only choose the services of a professional speaker, but also choose a good friend. The speakers will make your wedding ceremony very special with their own words.

A great advantage of the free wedding ceremony is the free choice of decoration. You determine the style and can give free rein to your creativity. The only limit is the budget.

Types of wedding decoration

A very rough categorization is made between natural and artificial decoration. Natural decoration includes fresh flowers, artificial decoration includes candles and fabrics. A distinction is also made between indoor and outdoor decoration. It depends only on you which area you pay more attention to. Normally, however, you have to adapt to the given conditions. If you are planning a wedding ceremony in a building located in the city centre, you do not need to worry about the outside decoration at all. If the location is in a beautiful rural area, you can let your imagination run wild. If you want to customize everything, the free wedding ceremony offers the most possibilities.

We will help you find the best wedding decorations, put together your dream floral arrangements, select exclusive furniture and impressive lighting concepts and ensure that your wedding leaves a lasting impression.

Your wedding decoration is invaluable to you - EventAgent24 ensures that your expectations are not only fulfilled, but far exceeded.

Wedding Cake

It is a tradition to have a celebration after the wedding ceremony. And if there is drinking, then there should be eating. With this we want to say that also the food and mainly the cake has to be nicely decorated. It simply looks harmonious when all the details fit together. That is why we want to help you find the right service provider who can make your dream come true.

Florist for the wedding ceremony

If you would like to have a beautiful floral decoration for your wedding ceremony, we will be happy to help you book a florist. Find your florist quickly, free of charge and without obligation. Tell us your wishes, your budget and your date and we will do the rest!

We have collected some more questions for you to ask the florist:

  1. Is it possible to get the desired flowers in the chosen season?
  2. How long does it take the florist to decorate the room?
  3. Does he work alone or in a team?
  4. Does he also take care of the removal?
  5. What additional items are needed for the decoration?