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Plan your Fasching, Shrove Tuesday or Carnival

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It is called differently depending on the region. But the name does not change the meaning of the celebration.

The carnival goes back to a long tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. In the course of time many things have changed, but not the main motives of this celebration.

Carnival costumes for everyone

Do you want to have a big celebration before Lent? A custom of the Catholic Church prescribes that during the long period of Lent until Easter, you may not eat meat, lard, cheese or milk. If you follow this custom, let us help you to make sure that you feel good before. We will help you with good dance music. Surely there will be plenty of food and alcohol.

Do you want to slip into another role? Even the ancient Romans changed their lives for a day. Servants became masters and masters had to serve their slaves. The slaves were allowed to tell jokes and criticism. Since slavery no longer exists today, this was replaced by carnival speeches. You have probably been thinking about what you are going to say this year in your carnival speech all year round. Don't miss the opportunity to freely and carefree express yourself about things like politics, society or unfriendly neighbours that have been bothering you all year.

Are you already fed up with winter and would you like to chase it away like the old Germanic tribes and thus welcome spring? Do you believe in winter spirits who do not want to let go of the cold season? Do you feel enough strength within you to put on a wooden mask and chase away the winter with great noise? Then do so!

Masks for Fasching

Are you a die-hard carnival fan and cannot imagine the period from 11.11 to the Women's Carnival without a mask. We help you to find the right master who creates the stupidest fool mask. From 11th November the fifth season is here because in fact, the official opening of the carnival season takes place on 11.11. from 11:11. Don't you have any idea yet how to make the opening unforgettable? Our service providers already have a list ready for you!

Each region has its own traditions of carnival celebrations. For example, the Viennese dance at the Bonbon Ball, the Tyroleans celebrate the Wampeler riding and in Vorarlberg the wicked winter witch burns at the stake. A compliment for a Tyrolean is that he is the biggest fool in Austria. If you too would like to earn this compliment, please contact us. We will help you to find the necessary service providers, with whose help you will amaze everyone in a very relaxed way.

Perchtenlauf, a wild, an old and multi-layered spectacle that thrills young and old, Schemenlauf with scooter and Scheller or a carnival concert. With the right partners, this can be organized quite effortlessly.

With EventAgent24 we let your tradition live on.

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