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Find a photographer for your party quickly!

Have you not seen your friends or colleagues for a long time? Are you finally back after a long journey and want to tell everyone about it? Then we have a great idea for you! Organize a party! This is a very good way to gather everyone under one roof!

Have you finally had the courage to organize a party? To arrange everything perfectly, you have to prepare a lot. We suggest you start with a to-do list. You have to answer two main questions: How? And where? First, think about whether you want a big or small party. Who would you like to invite to your party? What would you like to have at the party? Only then can you think about the question of the location. Since the list consists of several items, EventAgent24 will be happy to help you with the organisation of the party.

Decided? Good! Now we'll ask you a question. Who is responsible for photos and videos? The best friend? Yourself? No, that's not possible. There's a time to work and a time to relax. So when you relax, someone else has to work. That's why you need a photographer for your party. Otherwise, all your efforts will have been in vain. We suggest that you choose from more than 300 photographers on our website.

Laid-back party photos

Are you planning a fun party? Imagine the atmosphere would be great and everyone would have a good time. That's impossible, isn't it? There's always someone at the party who is the center of attention and heats up the mood. At the same time there is the person who doesn't like to be the centre of attention and prefers to hide in a corner. EventAgent24 offers you the possibility to make your party perfect. Book a videographer for the party! In this case you will not only have great photos of the party, but also videos. Do you think this is over the top? Now imagine you are 70 years old and would come across the video while cleaning up! We probably don't need to say any more, do we? Don't lose the opportunity to capture your happy moments for eternity!


When is life better than now?! Nobody knows. That's why every moment must be captured. How would you feel about doing a shoot at your party?

  • The common photo shooting connects all guests!
  • The photographer will certainly help you with creative ideas during the shooting.

The shooting will be much more interesting if you have live music as an accompaniment at your party. It is then like a small private concert. Everything just for you! All just for your guests! 

Smartphone photos vs. professional photos

Thriftiness vs. Greed. There are certain things you can't spend that much money on or even do without. On the other hand, there are things that are really worth spending money on. We at EventAgent24 are sure that great music and professional photos are among these things.

When preparing for the party, you must have put a lot of effort into getting everything done. It would just be a shame if the party were to be forgotten. Would you like to avoid that? Then book a professional photographer quickly!

We would like to thank the technical development team for the great opportunity our phones offer to take quality pictures. It is also a good idea to get additional photos of friends. But these alone are not enough.

We have collected the best photographers especially for you. Choose from our list and book quickly. The best service providers are booked out quickly. And you still deserve the best.